Our Story 

We are happy to present to you the fruit of the loving creativity, years of hard work and the life-long passion for good food by one of the pioneering and legendary bakers of Kerala, K K Kunju of SAC Bakers, Kanjirappally. JamRolls are the flag ship product of the heritage family bakery opened by the master baker way back in 1931. Kunju or Kunju Ashan as he came to be fondly known was born in Thrissur. He had his training in baking at Kandy, Ceylon under expert British bakers of the time.. He moved to Madras and was with the Bossotto bakery, then a landmark in the city.

The early years of the 1930s saw the growth of British owned plantations in the high ranges of Central Travancore and sensing a good business opportunity Kunju opened his own baking unit and retail outlet at Kanjirappally. Soon he saw a sweet opportunity in pineapple which had started to be grown locally in Travancore. Kunju was famous for his Swiss Rolls in Ceylon and Madras . But in Kerala he worked on a unique recipe using pineapple to produce what you are tasting now , the one and only Kunju's JamRolls, which gained the status of the trade mark of the thriving SAC Bakers , Kanjirappally though he also hand crafted delectable Lemon Pastes, special cakes and cookies.

We are sure you will enjoy these products from the heritage family baking house of Kunju whose high reputation and traditional recipes way at the age of 94.